Dear Postgraduate Medical Students Registered in different Scientific degrees in 2021 Roster at Tanta Faculty of Medicine ,

Welcome to the E-learning platform where you will have the online elective courses scheduled in your semesters
Here, you will find the time schedule of courses that you will have [ when to register & when to start the course & Exam time] & entry access to the course when it open on time.

Note that courses will open for one fixed time only for each semester for this new roster of 2021, no other courses will be available in any other dates, so you should all have it on time in order not to miss any.

Note1: You are not allowed to change any data in your profiles, We in Faculty IT-unit have already introduced your specialities & semester number, so no need to change anything to avoid any conflicts

Note2: As regards your specialities, you should activate your academic E-mails ( [Link to activate your official academic mail (Press here)]
Also, you should get Microsoft team application in your mobile (not necessary to download the app on laptops)- as this will be the educational channel for specialities & where you will get contact with your departments [-Link to download Microsoft teams app (Press here)].

Wish you all the best